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Our Google My Business Management Service provides you with access to a dedicated GBP expert who will meticulously handle all the intricate details, relieving you of potential headaches while ensuring maximum results. Leveraging our exclusive processes, GBP scorecard, and monthly reporting, your designated account manager will diligently work to boost your rankings and attract more customers.

Our comprehensive GBP Management Service commences with a performance benchmark report, followed by a meticulous 100-point audit and a thorough profile optimization. Subsequently, each month, you can expect:

  • Weekly promotional posts
  • Addition of new products or services listings
  • Management of new Questions and Answers
  • Timely responses to reviews
  • Uploading of images and videos
  • Handling of moves, additions, and edits
  • Continuous profile monitoring
  • Proactive competitor spam detection and removal
  • Geogrid keyword ranking reports
  • Monthly performance summaries
  • Access to an on-demand reporting dashboard
  • Regular updates to the GBP scorecard

Moreover, we’ll take care of any sudden updates such as unexpected closures and frequent Google suggested edits, ensuring your profile remains up-to-date and hassle-free.


How Our GMB Managment Service Works

1. Share Your Location Details with Us

Let’s kick things off by getting acquainted with your location! Our Google My Business Management Service streamlines this process through a straightforward form, ensuring we capture all the pertinent details about your business location. Within minutes, you’ll have provided the Gorilla with everything needed to expertly manage your GMB listing. Additionally, we’ll request that you add us as a business profile manager for seamless collaboration.

2. Let’s Audit Your Profile (or Get Started with Verification)

Moving forward, it’s time to assess your current standing or initiate the verification process. Your designated profile manager will commence by benchmarking your performance and keyword rankings. Subsequently, they’ll conduct a meticulous 100-step audit utilizing our GBP Scorecard, meticulously evaluating your listing’s health and performance against industry standards. Expect to receive a comprehensive checklist outlining your listing’s performance metrics. Should you not yet have a Google My Business profile, fret not! We’ll swiftly set one up and verify it for you during this phase.

3. We’ll Create an Optimization Guide Tailored to Your Profile

Armed with insights from the audit, your profile manager will craft a tailored optimization strategy aimed at elevating your GMB listing. This optimization guide serves as a roadmap for implementing enhancements to your Google Business Profile, ultimately unlocking higher rankings, increased calls, and clicks to your website.

4. Enhancing and Optimizing Your Google My Business Listing Together

Now it’s time for the GMB Gorilla team to swing into action! Your profile manager, alongside their dedicated team, will diligently execute all necessary updates to optimize your listing. Throughout this process, expect regular updates and close communication from your profile manager. Upon completion, you’ll receive a notification, granting you the opportunity to review your newly optimized profile.

5. We’ll Manage and Promote Your Profile Every Month

With your Google My Business Profile primed for success, it’s time to shift focus to promotion! Each month, your dedicated account manager will handle the publication of weekly posts, Q&A interactions, review management, spam reports, profile monitoring, and comprehensive reporting. This ensures sustained visibility, increased traffic, calls, and foot traffic, ushering new customers through your doors.

6.Watch Your Rankings, Traffic, Calls, and Revenue Soar with Us

With your Google My Business Profile under expert management, anticipate witnessing tangible results within 30 to 90 days post-completion. While your profile manager works diligently behind the scenes, you’ll have ample time to prepare for the influx of new opportunities and customers headed your way. Get ready to witness higher rankings, increased traffic, calls, and revenue growth!


No Contracts, Just Hulk's Month-to-Month Flexibility

No! We work month-to-month, so there are no contracts or long-term commitments. However, many of our customers have worked with the Hulk for years

How Much Does It Cost Monthly?

We charge $400 per month, per profile. We do offer special pricing for those who have more than one location under management. If you have a multi-location business, please contact us for more information about discounted pricing.

When Do Results Show Up?

For most businesses, they are able to see results after the first 30 days of service. Typically most businesses continue to see aggressive gains through the first six months or more, depending on the industry and geography’s competitiveness.

Who Creates Content and Images?

We do! We have a US-based team of designers and writers who collaborate to create each post. Of course, we appreciate any insights, images, videos, or promotions you might have, but the Hulk’s expert team of account managers, designers, and writers can happily deliver without any resources.

How Can You Improve Google Reviews?

We provide you with a Google Review kit that makes it easy for you to ask for Google reviews and make it known to customers you want them. We also have our own software tool that can be used for an additional charge. Many customers have found SMS and email is the most effective way to get customers to leave five-star reviews on Google. Plus, you don’t have to awkwardly ask in person.